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About SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist is a reference space to learn the main techniques, tools and strategies to learn and apply SEO to your project, in a fun and didactic way.

Its intention is to serve as a guide for users with Beginner-Intermediate level.

Since the beginnings of Google as a search engine, its mission is to crawl millions of web pages, store them, process them and try to return the most appropriate results to the search of its users.

Think about it for a moment. Do you realize what a HUGE task this is?

This is why it has become increasingly difficult to stand out in searches.

Let's take a concrete example, imagine you have a travel agency that wants to offer "cheap flights" over the internet.

Think of the number of companies and travel agencies that have their own website offering their services just like you.

Think also of the number of resources that these companies invest in their website, advertising and branding.

It seems difficult to compete with them, doesn't it?

This is why SEO has become so professional, its main mission is to achieve the sustainability of a project on the Internet in the long term.

There are basically two ways of doing SEO: the ethical way and according to Google standards (White Hat SEO) and the unethical way (Black Hat SEO) that tries to exploit techniques that violate the principles of using Google to get to stand out in searches in a short space of time.

Of course playing the game of SEO with a black hat can make the judge (Google) penalize you.

What is the difference between SEO Checklist and other websites with information related to SEO?

Create SEO Projects and SEO tasks to track all your SEO actions on your websites

SEO Checklist is a SEO documentation center where you can learn from the most basic notions to advanced SEO aspects for your website.

In addition, SEO Checklist is also an online application through which you can track the SEO aspects of your project online. As an anonymous user, you can check all the different aspects that will help your website to be optimized. As you complete each of the tasks you can mark them as completed, so when you return to visit SEO Checklist, the tasks will appear as done.

But also if you register you will be able to create multiple web projects, in which you will be able to add your own personalized tasks to be able to make a more exhaustive follow-up.

As you can see, this online application can help you in the realization of web projects.

Who can benefit from SEO Checklist?

SEO Checklist benefits for freelancers, agencies and companies

- Freelancers

- SEO Agencies

- Companies

- Web developers

- Anyone who wants to boost the visibility of his website in Google

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