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Build your brand
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Build your brand: tips & suggestions for creative branding ideas

One of the most important things to do when launching your own product or service is to create your brand. The goal here is to create a UNIQUE yet friendly brand that can be associated with your website and your preferred niche. By creating your brand and making it distinct from others, you are more likely to amass more visitors than a website that deemed this aspect unimportant.

There are many brand development strategies, but the most important thing is to study your audience and your competitors, to see what actions and demands they have.

This applies to both businesses and individuals. For example, for entrepreneurs it may be interesting to create a blog for personal branding. Blogging is a good way to promote yourself and your services, giving you the oportunity to express your skills, knowledge and therefore be able to sell yourself to your audience.

There are various ways to create your brand these include:

  • Define Your Brand: Here, you want your prospective customers to know what you are about, what you offer, and why your website should be their number one stop for information based on your niche. This could be just a few lines. What is important is for it to pass across what your website is all about in a beautifully crafted manner.
  • Keep It Simple: While creating your brand, it is important for it to be easily understood by all and sundry. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry that takes a look at your brand should be able to have perfect understanding of what it is all about without having to carry out further investigations.
  • Special Logo: Part of the things that make your website different from others is a special logo. This logo should be different from others and designed in such a way that is eye-catching and easily remembering. This way, when visitors see the logo, they know it is your website.

Why Is It Important?

Creating your brand has its importance on the rankings and the overall performance of your website.

For one, it helps you build trust and authority. It is a well known fact that people only associate with what they trust, and what better way is there to build trust than having a brand that you can be identified with?

Being and doing things different from others helps build visitors’ trust thus making them visit more and even refer people to your website, which will increase your rankings on the SERPs.

Top 5 SEO Tools to help your brand

  • Content Strategy Generator Tool (Paid): Gives you the assistance that you need in planning content strategy via audience explanations and keyword research.
  • SEMrush (Paid): Semrush can help you to monitor the activities of your competitors in search engine rankings improvement
  • SEO Monitor (Paid): SEO Monitor displays your performance in terms of search engine optimization to you on a dashboard. Uses Google Analytics in combination with your rankings while solving issues. Very good for keywords Discovery.
  • SERPmetrics (Paid): SERPmetrics lets you see what your rankings are, as well as, that of others, thereby, showing you Google's volatility in the past month.
  • SanityCheck (Paid): SanityCheck increases how actionable the data that you get from Google search console is. You can get to see keywords which rank on Google's second and third pages. Finding this information is easy with just one click.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to help you creating your brand

  • Scroll Triggered Box (Paid): Comes with an email capture box which gives you an indication of the scrolling length of a visitor. You can optimize this box using any form of HTML text. MailChimp synchronization is now easier.
  • Digg Digg (Paid): this is a plug-in which can help you in displaying social media buttons for blogs. It is an interesting plugin, and it's worth getting.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free + Paid): We totally recommend this SEO plugin if you have a WordPress blog as it is good in handling every SEO element which comes to your mind.
  • Hello Bar (Paid): this is a tool that lets you carry out A/B testing for a wide range of call-to-action and power words while being a good email address collector.
  • Disqus Comments (Free): Disqus currently is being used by more than 200,000 websites and is growing in popularity. It gets your WordPress comment system replaced with comments from Disqus. With this plugin, you can connect to a large community and track comments from commentators.

Did you know? Your brand is what the outside world thinks of you. It is a collection of the impressions you build overtime. Build your brand is equivalent to build trust.

Expert’s suggestion: Take your inspiration from Google, our favorite example of effective online simplicity” (on keeping your website simple) – Sara Conte (

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