Monitor keywords in Google Search Console
Monitor keywords in Google Search Console
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Monitor and track your keywords in Google Search Console

Sometimes, the only way to know what your potential customers want is to do an investigation of your own. While at this, you should bear in mind that wants to change, and new developments arise, hence it is important for the investigation to be a continuous process.

As a website owner, your potential customers are those who carry out searches on Google in search of information. These are the people whose wants, you wish to satisfy and the ones you should investigate.

One way to conduct this investigation to know what they seek is by monitoring their Google search. This can easily be done by going to ‘Searches’ via Google Search Console.

Once there, you would see a screen showing you the recent searches made by users of your website.

There are other means to monitor your Goggle searches such as CTR, number of clicks, and average position.

CTR (Click Through Rate) has to do with on numerous search website’s URL appeared 1st on a search and appeared 9th in a subsequent search, your average position would be (1+9)/2 which is equal to 4.

Why Is It Important?

To fully satisfy a client or customer, you must know and fully grasp the idea of what the person wants. It isn’t enough to write posts judging by what you think your users want. Sure, you might get it right, but you can’t always bank on that.

By monitoring the Google searches of your users and how they reach your website, you are able to get an idea of their immediate need and work on providing it for them.

For instance, if you operate an online store that sells wristwatches and bracelets but the majority of your users are also interested in shoes, how would you know? By monitoring their search!

When you notice that your customers are searching for one common thing (shoes in this case), you would know what they want, provide it for them and keep everyone happy.

Top 5 SEO Tools to monitor your website or brand

  • Google Alerts (Free):Google has several valuable free tools for marketers and SEO pros, and Google Alerts is one of them. If you’re a seasoned marketer, then you probably already know and use it, either for monitoring your brand or for content creation.
  • Social Mention (Free): Social Mention monitors more than 80 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Trackur (Paid): Trackur calls itself the “broadest social media monitoring” tool — a debatable claim. In trying to live up to such a lofty promise, it has several features to help you monitor your brand online.
  • SentiOne (Paid): SentiOne helps you to pay attention to what your customers or others generally are saying about your brand. With SentiOne, you’ll get access to not just real-time data but historical data too – what people may have said about your brand in the past before you began using SentiOne.
  • Reputology (Paid): Reputology is a review management and monitoring platform for multi-location businesses. Put simply, it helps businesses manage and monitor reviews online.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to track your main keywords and monitor your website

  • Wincher Rank Tracker (Paid): Wincher will let you track any amount of keywords for their performance on both the desktop web as well as mobile web, you can even set up a competitor monitoring campaign for up to five of your closest competitors, you can monitor your rankings performance history and see what has made a huge impact on your rankings in the past, set up email notifications about sudden changes to your rankings and always remain in full control over your content performance, all reports can be exported in either PDF or CSV format for your convenience.
  • RankScanner (Paid): RankScanner will automatically crawl your rankings on Google, and report back to you with updates and changes in your search engine positions, to let you know if you blog has improved or dropped on a weekly basis. 
  • Alexa Widget (Paid): Alexa analyzes all of the World’s websites to rank them accordingly to their performance on the web, much of the data that Alexa reports is a rough estimate (unless you start using the premium features on your own website), but even then the data is usually very accurate and can provide a good idea of how far ahead, or how far behind, you are from your closest competitors.
  • ARC (Advanced Rank Checker) (Paid): The ARC plugin will allow you to monitor your keywords for their performance, letting you always be on top of the latest ranking reports and how you can improve them.
  • ITslum Tracker (Free):This plugin will combine both Alexa rankings, and also Google PageRank (which in many ways has been discontinued, by some webmasters are still taking the idea of PageRank seriously…), to allow you to display specific widgets on your site, advertising your overall website performance on the global web, either for attracting new sponsors, or to simply help these platforms gather more accurate data about your website.

Track your main keywords in an affordable price: SpySerp

All the people and companies that we dedicate ourselves to SEO always have a basic need: to be able to track the main keywords of our website.

There are many programs that perform this task, the problem is that they are usually quite expensive, especially if we only have one project to manage (ie, we are not an agency that manages multiple websites).

Until SpySerp came to market, there was no effective tool that could be used without spending too much money.

SpySerp allows you to start analyzing your website from only $15 / month. It includes up to 48000 checks per month and believe me, that's A LOT of checks.

This is MUCH less than what other tools like Semrush, Moz or AHrefs charge.

It is true that these tools also offer other additional features (on page analysis, competitor analysis, etc.), but if we combine the keyword analysis offered by SpySerp + free tools such as Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, etc we can have the benefits of tools such as Semrush or AHrefs with a much lower investment.

> Click here to start a trial and test SpySerp keywords tracker <

The features of the basic plan of SpySerp are as follows:

  • Up to 48000 checks per month
  • Chat and Telegram group support
  • Categorization of Keywords: you can categorize in groups the keywords of your project
  • Fully customizable tracking frequency: SpySerp's software is 100% configurable with the day and time you want to perform the automatic tracking.
  • Manual tracking: you can force the tracking of the SERP's of your website manually, whenever you want.
  • Tracks by Language, Region, and Location
  • Spy your competence: you can add to your competence's website and study how it evolves over time. The tracking of your competitors' websites gives you the same information as if the website were yours, giving you the exact position of each keyword.
  • Massive import of multiple keywords in a simple way.

> Click here to start a trial and test SpySerp keywords tracker <

Did you know? The search log can be downloaded in a CSV formate. You can open this format in Microsoft Excel and manipulate the information on your needs.

Expert’s suggestion: The sad part is that most businesses don’t utilize the full power of Google Search Console because the majority of them think that just adding their website to Google Search Console is enough. There is so much more that you can be doing.” - Syed Balkhi (

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