Look for trends
Look for trends
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Use trends to find content to your website

Trends, used loosely, as a term can be said to be a run or stretch of a particular thing.

In the social media world, it is what most people are talking about at a particular point in time.

As far as SEO off page is concerned, however, trends are those terms, keywords, key phrases, etc. that your visitors, potential visitors, and your target market, in general, are constantly and continuously searching for.

You will need to plan your content wisely and then write long and beautiful articles.

There are various tools that can be used to look for trends relating to your website’s niche.

One of them and the most recommended tool is Google Trends.

What Google Trends does is offer you a diagram (known as the trend curve) which happens to be a representation of how many times a particular keyword has been searched for over a stipulated duration of time.

How to use Google Trends?

The use of Google Trends is very simple, all you have to do is visit https://trends.google.com/trends/ and introduce the term you want to analyze. You can also buy it with up to three more terms.

In the graph, you will see what has been the evolution of interest in searches over time

Another tool that can be used to look for trends is the Google Keyword Planner tool. This tool is somewhat similar to Google trends in that it also presents the search volume of a particular keyword over a stipulated period of time in a graph.

However, one big thing that differentiates both tools from each other is the fact that Google trends take a more relative approach as opposed to the general approach adopted by the Google Keyword Planner tool.

Google trends would eliminate various similar searches carried out by one person thus giving you a more accurate and realistic representation than the Keyword Planner that just shows the search frequency of a keyword.

Also, Keyword Planner is a tool used in Adwords campaigns, so in order to be able to use you must set up a campaign (but you are not required to spend money on it).

Why Is using trends for keyword research important?

The usage of keywords is a very important tool of SEO on page, such that if done right with the right keywords, it would significantly increase your web page’s ranking.

By looking for trends, you are finding out the specific words your target market is searching for. This way, you know the keywords to focus mainly on, those to use sporadically, and those to be forgone or forgotten.

With effective trend scouting (with the right tool and level of expertise), website owners get to know the perfect and keywords that are making buzz in their industry and use them, thus bringing traffic to their website.

Top 5 SEO Tools to find trends in users

  • Bing Webmaster Tools (Free): Bing Webmaster Tools can be totally relied on upon if you are a fan of Bing as it can reveal to you all that is important regarding the visibility of your site in the Bing search engine. One cool feature of the Webmaster Tools is that it has a very fantastic keyword researcher which can provide you with premium keywords.
  • Content Strategy Generator Tool (Paid): Gives you the assistance that you need in planning content strategy via audience explanations and keyword research.
  • QuestionDB (Free): one of the best questions scraper tools available and it is very unique because it allows you sort questions according to how popular they are or by topic.
  • Power Suggest Pro (Paid+Free): a keyword researcher that is based on desktops and all you have to do is pop in a keyword to get ideas drawn from a wide range of search engines. Ideas are what makes this unique to stand out. You get a keyword list containing terms mostly used by users in search engines
  • Long Tail Pro (Paid): this keyword researcher is very user-friendly, and all you have to do is pop in keywords to get keyword ideas.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to find trends and plan your content

  • RB Keyword Research Plugin (Free): now you can easily carry out website optimization and keyword list building through the use of Google's auto-completed keywords.
  • WordPress Keyword Tool (Paid): get the ability to find questions and keywords that are trending which relate to your own keyword with easy tracking of your audience to see what they are searching for actively on the net.
  • 1SEO.com Keyword Research Tool (Free): make use of Google API. This helps it to produce premium keywords and allows you to build your keywords list for website optimization.
  • Keyword Panda – Keyword Generator for SEO (Paid): this plugin helps you carry out web content analysis and keywords generation for everything meta, Tagline, as well as Title and more. You can carry out keyword density checks and find trending keywords on Google.
  • Google Keyword Planner (Free): gives you the ability to effectively collect search volume data as well as historical trends for your chosen keywords while helping you to analyze the level of competition on those keywords. Info on related keywords is made available and organized in terms of relevance.

Did you know? Relative popularity is the ratio of a query’s search volume to the sum of the search volumes of all possible queries.

Expert’s suggestion: “If you are trying to pinpoint a good topic for your next content piece, don’t write a single word until you’ve checked said topic with Google Trends.” – Nick Churick (How to use Google Trends for Keyword Research)

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