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Link External Resources
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Use External Links to gain trust

Many SEO strategies work for many websites looking to get their page on the first page of search engines and out to the world, and while no one can say for sure which the best is, some are more effective than others. One of the more effective ones is the linking of external resources.

In your digital content strategy, external links can be done by simply creating a link to another website different from yours. This is done by a process known as hyperlinking and what it does is direct your readers or visitors to a website for more information than they would be able to get from your website.

Why are external links important for SEO?

When creating the content of your page, you will want to create a content that engages to your audience. SEO strategies thrive on their ability to convince a search engine that your website/page is the best place for their customers to run to should they need any answer or information related to your website’s niche. You only make the first page if a search engine feels you are providing excellent and useful information to their customers.

By providing external links to other websites, you also get to increase your relevance and authority. Domain and page authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that helps you predict to an extent how well your website would perform on search engine result pages. The score ranges from 1 - 100. The higher your ranking score, the higher your authority is.

Let’s look at this from a hypothetical life situation. If you need in-depth information about something, say a product, who would you rather go meet?

  • Mr. A. who is quite learned but would only give you the information he knows OR
  • Mr. B., who is equally quite learned but while giving you the information he knows, would corroborate and add to it by referring you to other people who probably know more than he does?

Judging by the saying “Multiple heads are better than one,” it is safe to say that we would all go to Mr. B. in the same veil, Google is most likely to refer their customers to a page with an array of information and links to other information.

Top 5 SEO Tools for finding useful websites, domains, etc.:

  • Xenu's Link Sleuth (Free): This tool is an award winner and is deservedly so. Now you can crawl enter websites, look for broken links, easily generate sitemaps, etc. Xenu is highly recommended.
  • SEO Toolbar (Free): SEO Toolbar is very popular and gives you access to a large collection of info which includes backlinks as well as competitive researching.
  • Seer Toolbox (Paid): no matter where you are in the world you can get access to the internal toolbox of SEER. SEER tools are extremely unique, and you will fall in love with them.
  • Domain Hunter Plus (Paid): This is a chrome extension which gives you the ability to locate unique broken links and gives information about whether that link directs you to available domains.
  • Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool (Free): Google Penguin Algorithm is no longer a problem concerning anchor text over-optimization as all you have to do is insert the concerned URL and receive full reports on the possibility of raising flags.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins:

  • Broken Link Checker (Free): check your pages easily and locate all the broken links by using this plugin which sends you notifications through your email or through the dashboard of the plugin.
  • SEO Internal Links (Free): this plugin is built to help with the management of your site’s internal links structure. SEO Internal Links is definitely worth getting. Now you no longer have to pass through a lot of steps all your track internal links.
  • Automatic SEO Links (Free): this WordPress plugin lets you add links to keywords automatically. Each time You key in a phrase into the setlist of keywords, it will automatically be converted into a link.
  • LinkPatrol (Paid): if you are looking for a plug-in that helps you control your website links perfectly, Link patrol is the answer and is very suitable for every user.
  • SEO Ultimate (Paid+Free): SEO ultimate has a similarity with Yoast SEO. It is the ideal SEO package as it comes with additional features and extensions which include author highlighting, as well as, tools linking, 404-page tracker, etc.

Did you know? By creating an external link to a website, what you are doing is linking your website with theirs. This way, you get to reach possible leads that may create an external link to your website in the future.

Expert’s suggestion: For people to discover your website, you need to build pathways and big, flashing signs that lead them there. In digital marketing terms, you need links, links, and more links” – Luisito Batongbakal (

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