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Guest Blogging
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Getting backlinks in a natural way: Guest Blogging

Life is give and take. Most independent website owners believe in this and as such are unwilling to feature your link on their website, get you traffic in return for nothing.

As a website owner who is still building his/her website, you might not be able to afford or be unwilling to part with the huge sum of money these independent websites ask for. This was probably the dilemma that was to be solved when the guest blogging technique was invented.

Guest blogging can be said to be a link building technique where website owners help other similar independent websites in their niche or industry develop contents in exchange for being able to provide links and promote their own website on said developed contents.

If used efficiently and effectively, guest blogging is a very prolific tool. The key to successful guest blogging is to know, prior to commencement, the goals of it i.e. why you are going into this. These goals include:

  • Creating your brand and establishing authority in your industry so that you are one of the big players in that industry
  • Garnering as much traffic as possible to your website (it helps if you have a set goal)
  • Creating backlinks to your website and in the long run, build a strong link building network.

How to submit a guest post

  • Identify the blog’s niche and stay in that lane: Having an idea of what you intend writing on beforehand can be really helpful. Knowing what your host blog is all about would help you create only the type of content they want. Once you have identified their niche, it is important that you don’t stray from that niche and create contents that are completely unrelated to the services the website provides.
  • High-quality content (both websites): This is a point that doesn’t need to be really elaborated on as we all know the implications of low quality or subpar contents. High-quality contents are what drive customers to a particular website. It is then important to create high quality contents for your website and your host’s. This way, the visitor who clicks on your link wouldn’t be disappointed and would want to visit other web pages.
  • Find similar blogs: Birds of a feather flock together they say. Imagine selling tyres for automobiles and you are guest blogging for a website that sells lingerie. Sure, there would be one or two or even three of their customers that would be interested in your website’s contents and products but is “one or two or even three” customers enough for you? This is why it is important to guest blog for websites that are very similar to yours, it is easier to get visitors to your own website via the provided links. A perfect host website for you, a tyre vendor would be another automobile related vendor. For a host who sells lingerie? How about someone who sells fancy deodorants?
  • Focus on the reputable companies in your industry: It is important, for your web page, to only guest blog for the reputable companies in your industry. This is because visitors are more likely to click on your web page’s link if it is on a site known to be reputable. This way, you are basically benefitting from their goodwill and reputation.
  • Be Polite and Confident: No one wants to work with someone who sounds rude, lacks confidence, or sounds uneducated. The proposals you send to your potential host websites are your first contact with them and what they see before they visit your website. It is hence pertinent that you impress them in this aspect by composing your proposals in an impressive educated and polite way. Make them see why they should accept you as a guest blogger!

What Not To Do

  • Do not provide false or misleading information
  • Do not create lackluster contents
  • Do not be nonchalant when creating the contents
  • Never lose focus

Why Is It Important?

Just like other SEO tools, guest blogging has its benefits. One of them is the fact that it is one sure way to get only visitors that are genuinely interested in the contents on your website as they visited from a similar website. In extension, this helps you reduce your bounce rate as the one-timers would drastically reduce.

It also helps you broaden your website’s scope and put it out there. By guest blogging, you build a strong link building network on various websites thus showing your website to the world rather than word of mouth and other expensive means such as advertising.

Top 5 SEO Tools to help you when doing Guest Blogging

  • SEO Moz Toolbar – MozBar (Paid): this happens to be a comprehensive search engine optimization tool that can be used with chrome and Firefox. Get to receive valuable metrics easily including Domain Authority as well as Page Authority, etc.
  • Buzz Stream Free Tools (Free): a top-notch query generator that is dedicated to link building. This tool performs a lot of functions such as acting as an advanced search operator to help you conduct blogger outreach.
  • Google Docs/Drive – Spreadsheets (Free): Even if you don’t work with a team, Spreadsheets on Google Doc’s can be very useful as you can access them remotely and even from your mobile (although that does come with limited functionality).
  • Gmail Canned Responses (Free): Canned Responses is a great tool from Gmail Labs that can increase your productivity by giving you an easy way to use email templates. Just choose a template name and save your template then you’re ready to go – then all you’ll need to do is compose a new message and select your template.
  • InkyBee (Paid): This is a very new tool that’s still in beta right now (pricing to be announced soon), that I’ve been testing over the past few weeks. The strength of this tool is in finding lists of blogs; all you need to do is to start a discovery job and add 3 keywords or topic areas – the tool will then search for blogs that mention the 3 keywords/topics on one page and add it to the list.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins useful in Guest Blogging

  • WP User Frontend PRO (Free): very popular plugin for guest posting and can assist you in tackling the difficulties associated with submitting guest posts. Go on to create front-end forms that can be submitted so that guest bloggers may send you their posts.
  • Peter’s Collaboration E-mails (Free): fantastic WordPress plugin which comes with a lot of guests posting features to boost audience engagement.
  • Peter’s Post Notes (Free): yet another superb guest blogging plugin. Works very well by collaborating with other plugins. It can add notes which gives contributors as well as approvers the ability to write notes and attach them to the article seamlessly.
  • Members (Paid): This is a fantastic WordPress plugin which helps you control your blog more. The UI is superb for the easy management of user permissions, and you can go on to edit and create as well as delete roles.

Did you know? Google algorithm takes backlinks as one of the top ranking factors. This is why even in 2019, they are still very much important in any SEO strategy

Expert’s suggestion: The first thing you will want to do is find guest post opportunities. When looking for places to guest post, your main goal is to find sites relevant to your niche or industry. Neil Patel (

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