Keep Track And Diversify The Anchor Text In Backlinks
Keep Track And Diversify The Anchor Text In Backlinks
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Keep Track your Backlinks. Diversify The Anchor Text

An anchor text can be said to be the visible and clickable link that redirects a user that clicks on it to a website. It is usually underlined and blue in color.

Backlinks are links to another webpage. For instance, the link provided above is a backlink to that website page. A follow/no-follow link, on the other hand, is somewhat of a restriction placed on a link.

The difference between a follow and a no-follow link is that a no-follow is used when you don’t want search engines to count that link for SEO purposes.

While a follow link passes authority to the linked website, a no-follow link does not.

However, it is advisable to build a combination of follow and no-follow inbound links to your website, as it is more natural to Google to have inbound links of both types.

This will help to avoid any kind of penalization by The Big G (Google).

Now, what it means to diversify your anchor text is to make use of various keywords rather than just one for your anchor text. This way, you get to make use of various keywords that are related to your website’s niche and improve your site’s SEO rankings

Why Is It Important?

Diversifying the texts you use as your anchor text is a great way to make use of a wide array of keywords that will significantly help you draw traffic to your website.

This is because by putting your link on another website that provides similar and related but different services to yours and making use of an anchor text with keywords related to that website, what you are essentially doing is giving your website the chance to be seen in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when a user searches for that keyword.

So basically, by diversifying your anchor text, you are putting your web page link out there to be seen by visitors of diversified various niches and industries.

Diversifying the anchor text helps build backlinks as it makes it flow naturally with the text rather than being abstract and different from the entire text. Diversifying anchor texts also help the process of backlinks building natural rather than carrying out the forbidden act of purchasing backlinks which you would be penalised for by Google if caught.

Also, keeping track of these anchor texts helps you know of any developments, how they are performing and helps you decide on which ones to optimize further and which ones to completely scrap and replace with better ones.

Top 5 SEO Tools useful on managing anchor text

  • SEMrush (Paid+Free): This SEM tool can help you to monitor the activities of your competitors in search engine rankings improvement.
  • Ahrefs (Free+Paid): this is arguably the largest backlink index all over the world and is a software used for building links mostly valuable to search engine optimization experts. Equipped with top SEO features.
  • LinkMiner (Paid): trying to analyze backlinks in order to locate possibilities? Then, you will definitely like this tool as it can analyze about 50 backlinks on a daily basis without you having to pay a dime and it comes with a website preview feature. It displays backlinks in relation to the categories.
  • OpenLinkProfiler (Free): now you can have different ways of checking for backlinks. Link diagnosis can help you to do things like checking backlinks for pages or websites as a whole.
  • BuzzSumo (Paid): a very good tool for carrying out content marketing and you can get to use the free version too. The upgraded version comes equipped with extra features that let you carry out domain or page backlinks checking.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to check your backlinks and anchor profile

  • WP-BACKLINKS – (Paid): Comprehensive WordPress plugin that gives you the ability of tracking new backlinks directly from the admin dashboard. Get all the relevant information with respect to backlinks, status, as well as, anchor text and more. Easily monitor backlinks of the competition.
  • WP SITESPY – (Paid): Another comprehensive WordPress plugin providing you with detailed info regarding the website with respect to its theme, backlinks, as well as, installed plugins, etc. Simply pop in your desired URL to get the needed data fast enough.
  • Get Backlinks – (Free): top-rated plugin which gives visitors the ability to link your site seamlessly through code copying. Offers you an HTML code string, as well as, Copy All button.
  • Consolety – (Paid): This plugin is based on a network and can help you get access to authority backlinks automatically from network users too.
  • Backlinks Saver (Paid): A very simplified and valuable backlink plugin which will be appreciated by WordPress users. Get natural backlinks from a wide range of websites while creating content.
  •  string of HTML code and an inbuilt “Copy All” button. 
  • Consolety (Paid): Consolety is a network-based plugin with the help of which you receive authority backlinks on auto-pilot from other users in the network.
  • Backlinks Saver (Paid): This is another simple yet very useful backlink plugin for WordPress. In the process of creating content, you receive some backlinks naturally from different sites.

Did you know? No-follow links were introduced as a way to curb spamming of comment sections of forums with links. By default all links inserted are no-follow.

Expert’s suggestion: Categorize your links by type including Branded keywords, URL keywords, Long-tail SEO keywords, and Un-optimized words or phrases.” – Sujan Patel ( How to diversify your anchor text )

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