Participate In Forums and Groups In Your Niche
Participate In Forums and Groups In Your Niche
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Get Involved: Participate In Forums and Groups In Your Niche

It is quite well known that networking is really important in life.

No one is an island and the only way to grow is to get views from different people who share similar ideas with you.

There are several ways to do this but one ‘tested and trusted to be effective way’ is to participate in forums and groups in your niche.

It is important to understand that participation used in this context means constructive, helpful and meaningful participation.

What this means is that while participating, you should respect the other people in the forum and group and their views. Avoid arguments and conflicts at all cost.

Your main focus while interacting with other web owners in your industry is to ensure you chip in useful information, ideas, and suggestions so the people you are interacting with see you someone who has something to offer them.

Another benefit of participating in forums and getting in touch with other people in your niche is also to increase the possibilities of guest blogging in other websites.

People tend to only interact with people from whom they can benefit from thus by showing you have the rage to engage in certain areas, you will definitely make friends on these forums and groups, and together, you all can achieve a lot.

After all, two heads, they say, is better than one.

Why Is It Important?

By participating in the groups and forums in your industry, you are looking to build a strong network with these likeminded people.

What you are essentially doing is letting them know about your brand and communicating to them that you are willing to interact and work with them for personal development and that of the industry.

Participating in these groups and forums also helps you meet your competitors and know what they are doing right and what they aren’t doing right. This helps you figure out what you should do to distinguish your website from theirs.

In these groups and forums too, you are open to new information and development in your industry that you wouldn’t have been aware of if you were being a lone ranger. In the long run, being aware of these developments keep your website up to date and your visitors happy.

Top 5 SEO Tools to make your website more social

  • HubSpot’s Free Online Form Builder (Free): This online form builder Is highly potent and works by combining the pillars of creating forms with tech. This improves your capabilities and experience.
  • Google Forms (Free): Google Forms is quick, user-friendly, and absolutely free of charge. Comes with forms and entries which have no limit. You'll find it in Google Docs suite which means that your data can be auto-transferred to a Google sheet for analysis.
  • Microsoft Forms (Free): very simple and user-friendly form creator which is integrated with MS Office. Comes with full custom options that help you to make fast surveys, generate quizzes as well as feedback and lead forms.
  • Form Crafts (Free): This tool for building forms has an interface that is very easy to use with a great design.
  • Typeform (Free): brings innovation to form building and is equipped with a design that is intuitive. Go through the process of creating forms step-by-step with a highly optimized experience when it comes to building surveys.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to make your blog more social

  • Advanced Custom Fields Plugin (Paid): comes with a wide range of fields to select from and simplifies the process of managing customized data and collecting them as well. No issues whatsoever with conducting surveys and retrieving valuable data.
  • Gravity Forms (Free): this plugin is very popular since it gives you the ability of quick and easy WordPress forms creation. As long as forms are involved, this is the go-to plugin. Easily carry out order forms creation, content customization, advanced fields additions, etc.
  • Disqus Comment System (Paid): Disqus currently is being used by more than 200,000 websites and is growing in popularity. It gets your WordPress comment system replaced with comments from Disqus. With this plugin, you can connect to a large community and track comments from commentators
  • Quform – WordPress Form Builder (Paid): QuForm builds forms with its simple drag-and-drop features and gives you the ability ofto making as many forms of you want with about 15 form elements to select. You can save your entries on WordPress, and you have the option of exporting your data. Enable Ajax, make use of Captcha, animations, etc.
  • Ninja Forms – The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder (Free): the WordPress tool for creating forms and it's totally free. Very easy to build forms with its drag-and-drop features and beginners can design complex forms seamlessly.

Did you know? If done right, members of a particular group or forum can offer to provide external links to their various websites in order to improve the rankings of all members of said group or forum.

Expert’s suggestion: Group discussions also has a significant role in the business. As group discussions are organized in the companies to talk over new strategies about the growth of the business and to find out the valid solution to the problems related to the company’s business.” – Target Study (

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