Use of Social Networks With Your Brand
Use of Social Networks With Your Brand
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Get Social: Use Social Networks With Your Brand

Social network is arguably one of the most powerful tools in the world right now.

One moment, one tweet, one post, one negative/positive reply can make or break you.

We have seen instances where a post someone made in the past was used against them years later when they made another post that contradicts the initial one made in the past.

It is hence important that while using social networks to promote your brand, you ought to be very careful as once a bad thing has been associated with your brand, it has the power to mar or scar that brand for life.

In order to make effective use of social networks, it is important to be strategic about the way you go about it. You just don’t go on social media and start making posts just for the fun of it.

Your posts should be relatable by your readers and viewers. It should be engaging and entertaining without losing its intent – to get them to know and patronize your brand.

Benefits of using social network

  • It helps increase brand awareness
  • It helps generate leads and traffic
  • It promotes content and boosts sale
  • If done strategically (and maybe with a little stroke of luck), helps your brand go viral and increases exposure
  • It enables to engage with your audience and monitor discussions that are relevant to your brand

Apart from using social networks for your business, if you have a physical business it is very important that you register in Google Business.

Why Is It Important?

Virtually the entire world is on social network these days and just like I mentioned earlier, if you strategically plan and structure your posts well enough, you just might go viral and expose your brand to the entire world.

This will increase the number of visitors you have on an average.

Now, in this case, while there might be a boom in traffic generated thanks to your newly found fame, only a fraction of those who rushed to see what the fuss is about will become clients. What this means is that you shouldn’t relax after one successful hit and keep promoting your brand strategically.

There are other reasons why using social networks with your brand is important such as meeting people, engagements, etc. but they all fall under the main reason – exposure.

Top 5 SEO Tools related to Social Networks

  • Varvy SEO Tool (Free): user-friendly auditing tool for websites. Have your URL handy, and this tool will generate valuable information for you within seconds. Get to see various aspects of your website such as SEO problems, mentions on social media as well as external links, etc.
  • Rival IQ (Paid): Compares how you are doing on social media as well as SEO to your competitors. Get to see if you are having more Twitter mentions or if your competitors have begun to rank for specific new keywords, etc.
  • Agency Analytics (Paid): top-notch tool that has been created to provide value to digital marketing companies. Your clients can get to grasp how you are performing with SEO, as well as, social media. Highly compatible with social media and Google Analytics.
  • SEO Tools for Excel (Free): very rich search engine optimization tool for Excel. Check the backlinks of a website seamlessly, word counts, as well as, social shares, external links, etc. You can do all of this from Excel easily with no stress.
  • ShareMetric (Free): provides you with extremely quick images of the social shares as well as links and keyword ranking for any webpage. Now you can get to see the specific keyword which pages are ranking for

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to make your website more social

  • Shared Counts (Free): very quick and seamless WordPress plugin equipped with some of the most widely used social channels such as Facebook and Twitter as well as LinkedIn and Google+, etc.
  • Sassy Social Share (Free): user-friendly WordPress plugin that is social media based and comes with a wide range of options. Has support for various social media channels and buttons can easily be added in posts.
  • WordPress to Buffer (Free): this widely known social media tool gives you the ability to schedule social media posts. Now you can easily add new posts in an automated manner to your account which eventually is shared automatically.
  • AddtoAny (Free): WordPress plugin tool providing you with different social sharing bars including a sharing menu that is basically universal.
  • Social Icons Widget by WPZoom (Free): now you can add social icons seamlessly on WordPress with basically three icon styles which include rounded borders as well as round and square.

Did you know? Social network can also be used to see what people think about your brand. Carry out a search of your brand name on any social network platform and you will see some of the comments your visitors make concerning your brand.

Expert’s suggestion: Social ads are an inexpensive way to promote your business and distribute content. They also offer powerful targeting options so you can reach the right audience and make the most of your budget” – Christina Newberry (

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