Sign Up To Google Search Console
Sign Up To Google Search Console
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Sign Up To Google Search Console to monitor your website

Google Search Console is a tool developed by Google for website owners to enable and help them track the progress of their websites.

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tool, this free web-based tool also helps track indexing of websites done by Google as well as the crawling statistics from the bot Google uses – Googlebot.

As said earlier, Google Search Console is a free web-based tool, and what any website owner (or webmaster) need do to have access to it is sign up. The process of signing up is pretty much straightforward, and just like signing up to everything related to Google, you will need to go through a verification process of your website.

Once you can do all theses and sign up successfully, you will have access to all the various benefits this amazing tool offers.

Why Is It Important?

For any webmaster, knowing at all times how your website is performing is a fundamental aspect if you want to increase visits and performance.

For a free tool, Google Search Console offers lots of importance to its users.

For one, and the most important of them all is the valuable insights of a website it provides. They can show you the technical faults in your site and the things you are not currently doing right and need to focus more on.

Also, with Google Search Console we have available a set of tools made specifically to optimize the loading speed of your pages.

In addition to this, Google Search Console helps you find the keywords your visitors used to find you on their searches.

The tool also sends you emails once it notices new errors, faults, or shortcomings that you need to work on and fix.

These email alerts will keep you on your toes as you will know these errors on time and work on fixing them on time before that one error becomes nine. In the long run, these tips and notifications will help you understand better what Google wants and improve your website to that standard.

One important feature is also adding a sitemap file to Google Search Console. The sitemap file is one of the best ways to help Google to find all your pages, increasing the chances of being indexed.

Google Search Console will help you also in one of the most important tasks as a website owner: optimize your site in mobile devices, giving you some guides and showing the problems you have in your website if any.

Top 5 SEO Tools related to Google Search Console

  • Google Search Console (Free): this is a suite that provides you with helpful tools that you get directly from Google to help you determine if your metadata is duplicated, the number of indexed pages, problems with security, etc.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider (Paid): A desktop program ability to crawl website links and images as well as scripts and applications including CSS about SEO so that you can see how well your website performs.
  • Bright Local (Paid): Bright Local carries out premium auditing for local SEO websites. Get to locate duplicated citations for incorrect citations online. Very effective in case of recent address changes of verification of NAP citation consistency all over the internet.
  • Clusteric (Paid): kind of clunky when being used, but provides a wide range of features which include search visibility and site auditing, competitor analysis, etc.
  • ContentKing App (Paid): ContentKing has similar features just like other auditing tools for search engine optimization, but it can crawl your website and send you alerts about possible issues which may arise in future.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins related to Google Search Console

  • Search Engine Insights for Google Search Console (Paid): includes your site on Google Search Console while helping with website ownership verification. GSC meta tags can easily be inserted automatically for site ownership verification.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights (Free): currently installed over 2 million times and is a Google Analytics plugin that is very known for WordPress users. Begin to implement data-driven decisions with this plugin to improve your brand.
  • WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math (Paid): This plugin will help you do better with your SEO as it comes with intuitive features that put SEO right at your fingertips. Now you can do everything that an entire search engine optimization team would do in a few simple steps.
  • Search Console(Free): Google search console has a verification code which this plugin adds to your website while displaying analytics data on your dashboard helping you to see clicks and positions as well as click-through rates and impressions.
  • Analytify – Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress (Paid): simplify your use of google analytics for WordPress in making posts, optimizing pages, and more. Google analytics stats are presented aesthetically everywhere.

Did you know? Google Search Console provides a keyword position tracker to help you to understand which topics your website is performing best.

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