Use Heading Tags (h1,h2,h3 ...)
Use Heading Tags (h1,h2,h3 ...)
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Use Heading Tags in your posts

Heading tags can be said to be the tags that are used to create the various headings on a post or page. If utilized and optimized well enough, the usage of heading tags, in general, might be the secret weapon you use to have the edge over your competitors in the race for the first page on search engines.

Heading tags are of various types and are given tags according to their significance on a page.

The various heading tags include h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, etc..

The h1 tag is the most important and can be only used once, it is the title of the page, and it usually sums up the main topic of the article. The other critical heading tags are the next levels of heading (h2 – h6).

Typically the longer the article is, the more heading tags you should use.

To better understand this hierarchy, think about the structure of a typical school where we have:

  • The principal. There can only be one (h1)
  • The vice-principals, two of them (h2)
  • The heads of departments (h3)
  • Other teaching staff (h4)
  • Non-teaching staff (h5)
  • Prefects (h6)
  • Students (the remaining parts of the page)

In a typical page making use of all the HTML tags, their page should be structured this way. h5 shouldn’t come before h2 and so on.

Why Is It Important?

Using other tags has various importance.

For one, they help in keyword optimization. While you might have sprinkled keywords around the body of your written article, experts say that including keywords and its variants in your heading tags is more effective SEO marketing.

Heading tags also help you structure your posts very well, divide them into sections and make them easily readable.

A typical example of a proper structure of a post using heading tags is:

  • All You Need To Know About SEO (h1)
    • Introduction (h2)
      • Importance (h2)
        • Benefits of importance 1 (h3)
          • Benefits 1 of importance 1(h4)
    • Most used SEO Techniques (h2)
    • ........

Reading an article structured like this would be much easier and understandable than one that uses only the h1 tag.

Top 5 SEO Tools to help you creating heading tags:

  • Keyword Snatcher (Paid): This is the top tool that will provide you with a supply of rich keyword ideas in contrast with other tools since it looks at different locations to come up with keywords such as eBay as well as Amazon and Yahoo. The keyword ideas that are generated amount in thousands.
  • Keyword (Free): this keyword researcher is equipped with the right features, and one of the reasons that it stands out is its Content Assistant. It is this feature which provides you with a complete list containing LSI keywords for content optimization.
  • Keyword Tool Dominator (Paid): now you can scrape autocomplete suggestions using this keyword tool on websites such as Google and YouTube as well as Amazon and Bing.
  • Keyworddit (Free): this happens to be favorite keyword research and the reason is that you can quickly get even the most complicated terms from this tool, unlike with other tools. Get to easily find out the keywords that are trending in subreddits when you use Keyworddit.
  • KeywordIn (Free): get to mashup seed keywords to create even more keywords. Go ahead and key in the terms into Google keyword planner and determine whether users are searching for these keywords.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for managing the internal links in your website

  • Google Site Kit (Beta) (Free): Happens to be in beta and is a fusion of the website management tools of Google, synchronizing them into a single WordPress plugin which is a must get.
  • KeyWord Panda – Keyword Generator for SEO (Paid): KeyWordPanda can analyze web content to come up with keywords that are suitable for Tagline, meta keyword, as well as meta description and related content. A highly effective algorithm capable of generating several keywords for web pages while checking for keywords density as well as trends for Google Keyword.
  • WP Keyword Suggest (Free): now you can make the best use of long tail keywords which will help you gain more insight on your niche. This plugin is worth having.
  • WordPress Keyword Tool (Paid): with this tool, you can search for a question that is trending as well as trending keywords that have a connection with the keyword that you pop in and this helps you keep track of your audience and what they are searching for every day.
  • Keyword Research Tool (Free): make use of Google API for premium keywords which will allow you to build a keyword list that is suited to your site.

Did you know? No rule states you should use all heading tags in your post. Ideally, the more content you write, the more heading tags levels you need to use.

Expert’s suggestion: Simple handling of H tags is often more manageable than ‘optimal’ and a lot easier to achieve with most of the benefits, and there is often no exact way to treat any specific SEO element in every instance.” – Shaun Anderson (

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