Use One h1 Tag Per Page
Use One h1 Tag Per Page
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Use One and Only One h1 Tag Per Page

One of the most powerful ways to tell your users all about your write-up and web page is to make use of h1 tags in every one of each page.

There are other headers tags with different levels (h2,h3,h4...) but in terms of SEO, the h1 tag is the most important.

The h1 tag which is also known as the header tag or the <h1> tag in HTML (an acronym for HyperText Markup Language) can be said to be the title of the page or any other emphasized text on the page.

This doesn’t mean that the h1 tag must be the title of the page as there are cases where the header tag and title of the page are different from each other.

Why Is It Important?

As said earlier, the h1 tag or the title of the page is a great way to summarise to your visitors what a particular web page is all about. H1 is also one of the most important tags in HTML in terms of SEO performance.

When writing an h1 tag, it is essential to make use of keywords to help increase optimization and increase your chances of being recognized by search engines.

Try to resume the main content of your article, thinking in a phrase that your readers would find attractive and useful. Also, try to use the main keywords of the topic. Getting powerful h1 tags and titles is not an easy task, but a good suggestion would be to revise your article once written to see if it can be improved.

For instance, an excellent h1 tag for an article talking about SEO and its strategies would be “All you need to know about SEO” or “The top 10 SEO strategies.” A bad example would be “Article on various strategies.”

Top 5 SEO Tools to help you using heading tags

  • Google Location Changer (SERPs) (Free): you can now get to see the SERPs for specific local areas whether you live there or not. Local SEO campaigns can benefit from this tool greatly.
  • Gookey (Free): this tool is precious for bloggers who wish to carry out keyword research as it eliminates SEO data that is complicated and makes the user interface very simple.
  • GrepWords (Paid): the price of this keyword researcher is exceptionally reasonable, and it comes with a premium question scraper. You can get to see when precisely specific keywords will likely spike.
  • iSpionage (Paid+Free): ISpionage happens to be yet another keyword researcher which has similarities with SEMrush. Some of its features are focused on search engine optimization, but PPC gurus would love this tool.
  • Keyword Revealer (Paid+Free): Keyword Revealer Makes the list of standard keyboard researchers, and one of its fantastic features is Keyword Tree which presents keyword ideas to you in the form of a tree where you can click on branches to reveal newer subdivisions.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to use heading tags in an efficient way

  • The SEO Framework (Paid): with this plugin, you can get to receive automated as well as advanced search engine optimization solutions for WordPress websites.
  • SEOPress (Free): WordPress users will find this plugin to be simple as well as quick and powerful for search engine optimization
  • SmartCrawl SEO (Paid): this is an optimization tool and also an SEO checker which gives you the assistance that you need to rank and be seen by search engines.
  • ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO (Paid): this is a WordPress plugin which carries out ACF Fields content addition to the score analysis of Yoast SEO.
  • Yoast SEO (Free+Paid): this is your chance to optimize your WordPress SEO as this plugin helps you create better content while fully optimizing the WordPress site.

Did you know? For SEO purposes, it is mandatory to use one and only one h1 tag on a website tag. Instead of using more than one h1 tag you can use h2, h3, h4 tags in your articles.

Expert’s suggestion: What is ultimately the most important are the many signals (of which H1 is one) that make up a page and indicate what the topic of the page is.” – Jenny Halasz (

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